Planting Process
Milk thistle: milk thistle.
Latin name: Silybum marianum (l.) Gaertn.

      Milk Thistle is an annual or biennial composites plant. Originating in Western Europe and North Africa, and it was introduced into China after 1972, then passed further cultivated, and provide superior seeds for the large planted. At that time, Milk Thistle was cultivated in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Gansu and Shaanxi province, the plant height of which is 30-200cm, flowering and fruiting from May to October. It is fond of nice and cool and dry weather, fear high temperature, well-adapted, relaxed on soil and water, and can be grown on the sand beach and saline-alkali land.

      Nowadays, the main production area is Inner Mongolia and Hei Longjiang, that is where the planting base of LIVERD® sits. There is famous for its vast and fertile land and the soil is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, so the Milk Thistle can thrives.

      LIVERD® offer better Seeds to the planting base, control the cultivated fields selecting, make the  planting and picking normalized. There is a professional team to manage Planting Base, so can fully manage the base, guarantee the quality and safety of the seeds, and ensure the traceability of the raw material.

Planting Base
Planting Base
LIVERD® milk thistle raw material planting base selection in China's heilongjiang province and Inner Mongolia, there are vast and rich ecological land, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil composition is adequate, milk thistle can thrive. The seeds were introduced from Germany, which was introduced and purified to provide a good seed for large area planting.
Raw Material Guarantee

LIVERD® Raw Material Planting Base is located in HeiLongjiang Province and Nei Monggol Province and contract with the farm 

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LIVERD® offer Better Seeds to growers, control the cultivated fields selecting, make the raw material planting and pick standard, so LIVERD can guarantee the quality and safety of the seeds.

Raw material standard

LIVERD® have the professional team to manage Planting Base and ensure the traceability of raw materials.